Video Reports

At times, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’  The image below is a link to the first video in a playlist of news reports and presentations focusing on the issue of transporting hazardous substances by rail.  Also included are reports on the related issues of fracking, silica sand mining, ‘salt water’ disposal facilities, and pipeline. 


Video Playlist



Fossil Fuel Trains Presentation (January 16, 2020)


Rachel Maddow:  Bomb Trains (Part 1) – The Cars


Rachel Maddow:  Bomb Trains (Part 2) – Bad Cars and Explosive Crude


Rachel Maddow:  Bomb Trains (Part 3) – The Denial


The Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster – 5 Years Later


Shipping Bakken Crude Oil By Train Unsafe at Any Speed


60 Minutes:  Shale Gas Drilling – Pros & Cons


Sand Mining Controversy in LaSalle County, IL


America’s 39 Dangerous Pipelines


Water Quality Press Conference


Anhydrous Ammonia Gas Tank Incident


Communities at Risk:  Hazards of LNG


Watford City White Owl ‘Saltwater’ Disposal Explosion


Justin Mikulka DeSmogCast:  The Science of Bomb Trains


Bruce Campbell Discusses New Book on Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster


Fritz Edler (RWU):  Oil Execs Try to Blame Workers for Tragic Accident


Fritz Edler (RWU):  Lessons of the Lac-Mégantic Rail Workers Defense


Jim Appleton (Former Fire Chief):  Mosier, Oregon Oil Train Derailment


Oil Trains:  Are Profits Worth Our Risk?


IL Congressman Brad Schneider


Shale Cowboys:  Fracking Under Trump | VPRO Documentary – 2017


The Problem with Transporting Radioactive Waste


Kevin Kamps (Beyond Nuclear):  Mobile Chernobyl