IL Two Person Crew Bill (SB 24) Preempted

The unfortunate, recently issued Seventh Circuit ruling federally preempts the Illinois Two Person Crew law (SB 24), which was passed and signed into law in 2019.  The courts basis for its ruling was the Federal 3R Act, which created Conrail.  The 3R Act was designed to reorganize struggling railroads in the Northeast and Midwest, bringing … Continue reading IL Two Person Crew Bill (SB 24) Preempted

ACTION ALERT: Ask Your U.S. Senators to Support Two-Person Crew in the Infrastructure Bill

We need to get the two-person crew provision from the INVEST Act into our Senate's Infrastructure Bill. Now is the time to act!  You can edit this pre-written message to fit your style and circumstances.

In This Election, Your Safety Is On the Ballot Only one candidate for President supports two person crews that will preserve the safety of railroaders and local communities. That candidate is Joe Biden.