John Garamendi Introduces Crude-by-Rail Safety Bill

View article in its entirety at Times-Herald. — Author: Nick Sestanovich BILL TRACK:  House Resolution 5553:  Crude By Rail Volatility Standards Act Rep. John Garamendi, D-Solano, recently introduced legislation to ensure safer standards for the transport of crude oil and other hazardous materials by train. House Resolution 5553, also known as the “Crude By Rail … Continue reading John Garamendi Introduces Crude-by-Rail Safety Bill

Network for Responsible Public Policy

Fossil fuels, depending on where they are extracted, may need to travel across long distances. There are real risks associated with the transportation of fossil fuels, whether by train, truck, or boat, all have histories of spills, explosions, fatalities, and damage. New Jersey needs to end dependence on fossil fuels and move to renewable energy. … Continue reading Network for Responsible Public Policy