Major Derailments of 2020

Information compiled by Railroad Workers United (RWU). RWU has documented 41 major derailments in the U.S. and Canada in 2020. Thankfully, these derailments did not result in injury or death in most cases. While not as disastrous as the previous year, this is still of course way too many.NOTE: This list was compiled informally and with … Continue reading Major Derailments of 2020

Hazardous Materials Near Schools

— Post By:  Shelly Burke Below is a link to an online presentation of Hazardous Materials Near Schools (March 24, 2020).  The presentation was organized by NWSOFA and endorsed by Railroad Workers United (RWU). Local activist, Gerri Songer, and RWU members Mark Burrows and Shelly Burke discuss the hazards associated with transporting and storing hazardous … Continue reading Hazardous Materials Near Schools

ACTION ALERT: SR0982 Hazardous Material Near School

IL Senator Julie Morrison recently filed and sponsored, and IL Senator Laura Murphy recently co-sponsored, Resolution SR0982 Hazardous Material Near School in Springfield to: Urge local emergency response planning officials to partner with school districts in their region in order to disseminate information pertaining to safety threats related to the storage and transport of hazardous substances, … Continue reading ACTION ALERT: SR0982 Hazardous Material Near School