RWU Resolution on Hazardous Substances Near Schools

Thank you Ron Kaminkow, Railroad Workers United Organizer, for your work on RWU's Resolution to call attention to the need for emergency response specific to the transport of hazardous substances rolling past our children's schools by rail. This Resolution supports legislative efforts such as IL HB 1542, which includes school personnel in comprehensive response plans, … Continue reading RWU Resolution on Hazardous Substances Near Schools

Veteran Railroader Fritz Edler Offers Recommendations

“Just because an industry CAN do something doesn't mean an industry SHOULD be doing it!” emphasized Fritz Edler, a veteran railroader with experience as a rail freight car builder and repairer. Edler has worked in many capacities, from maintaining tracks and bridges to running high speed trains. Based in Washington D.C., Edler has broad rail … Continue reading Veteran Railroader Fritz Edler Offers Recommendations

Railroad Engineer to Address Bomb Train Issue – July 5 at 7 pm

Trains carrying flammable materials, explosives, and toxic substances with fewer crew members fatigued from long hours run through our communities daily.At the July meeting, La Coalition - Bomb Trains will hear from  Mark Burrows of Chicago, a retired 40-year veteran Canadian Pacific Railroad locomotive engineer who was an active member of SMART-TD and who served as delegate … Continue reading Railroad Engineer to Address Bomb Train Issue – July 5 at 7 pm

RWU Adopts High Speed Rail Resolution

Railroad Workers United (RWU) adopted a new Resolution in response to confusion over "high speed rail" and what the best way is to move forward with railroad improvement and development. RWU has staked out a position they feel makes sense, and one that serves railroad workers, the traveling public, shippers, trackside communities, and the nation … Continue reading RWU Adopts High Speed Rail Resolution

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Oil Trains: Are Profits Worth Our Risk?

This Month, NWSOFA will feature a discussion on railroad transportation of dangerous goods including oil trains and other hazardous goods transported through our rails, roads, and air. Moderator Gerri Songer will host: • Bruce Campbell (formerly with Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)• Investigative Journalist Justin Mikulka • Railroad Workers United representatives Fritz Edler, Mark Burrows, and … Continue reading EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Oil Trains: Are Profits Worth Our Risk?

Major Derailments of 2020

Information compiled by Railroad Workers United (RWU). RWU has documented 41 major derailments in the U.S. and Canada in 2020. Thankfully, these derailments did not result in injury or death in most cases. While not as disastrous as the previous year, this is still of course way too many.NOTE: This list was compiled informally and with … Continue reading Major Derailments of 2020

RWU Special Bulletin

Railroad Workers United has made no endorsement of candidates in the U.S. elections. Their position has always been that the electoral system - currently monopolized as it is by the Democrats and Republicans - serves the interests of the rail carriers, big business, Wall Street, corporate America and the wealthy. You can view their official … Continue reading RWU Special Bulletin

Hazardous Materials Near Schools

— Post By:  Shelly Burke Below is a link to an online presentation of Hazardous Materials Near Schools (March 24, 2020).  The presentation was organized by NWSOFA and endorsed by Railroad Workers United (RWU). Local activist, Gerri Songer, and RWU members Mark Burrows and Shelly Burke discuss the hazards associated with transporting and storing hazardous … Continue reading Hazardous Materials Near Schools

Come Join Us!

Hazardous Materials Near Schools Looking for something to do tonight?  Come join NWSOFA-Indivisible from the comfort of your home as we discuss online the local impact of crude-by-rail transport and storage along with the dangers it presents to our schools.  Local activist, Gerri Songer, will be joined by members of Railroad Workers United (RWU) Mark … Continue reading Come Join Us!

Recording of CN Ordering Fatigued Conductor to Work

View article in its entirety at The Star. — Author:  Brennan Doherty One of the biggest concerns for engineers is fatigue — and it isn’t confined to one particular company. According to an annual watchlist from the Transportation Safety Board, an independent investigator charged with improving safety practices, sleep-related fatigue issues have been a contributing … Continue reading Recording of CN Ordering Fatigued Conductor to Work