Bruce Campbell: Lac-Mégantic Update

For those still following the Lac-Mégantic saga, you may be aware that Canadian Pacific (CP) took over the Central Maine and Québec Railway (CMQR), which in turn had taken it over from the defunct Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic Railway (MMA), and which many years prior had belonged to CP.

CP is still in court fighting the civil case against Québec government as well as the collective agreement brought by citizens. I believe the next court date is September but, as usual, the strategy is delay, delay, delay. CP is also delaying the construction of the rail bypass, which itself has been delayed for years. The thinking amongst friends in Lac-Mégantic is that they are using delay as leverage to get a deal from the Québec government, which is suing them for $409 million. The whole thing just stinks.

The Lac-Mégantic Citizens Coalition for rail safety today sent a letter [French and English] to CP shareholders who are holding their annual meeting on April 21, asking them not to delay further the construction of the bypass.

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