ACTION ALERT: Dangerous explosives shouldn’t be shipped through our neighborhoods

Please take a moment to sign Environmental Actions’s petition.

Nobody wants massive tanks of dangerous, explosive fuel in their neighborhood — but the Trump administration is proposing to transport volatile liquefied fracked gas on railroads across the country.1

This plan is a disaster waiting to happen. There are more than 140,000 miles of freight railroads in America — every inch of which could become an explosive threat if this volatile cargo is approved.2

Fracking is bad enough already. We can’t allow dangerous liquefied natural gas on our railroads, too.

Say “no” to dangerous, volatile fracked gas trains in our communities.

Natural gas is already explosive in its original form. To transport it, it is condensed into a potent liquid fuel that’s far too dangerous to be shipped across the country by rail.

We know that when fossil fuels are transported by rail, disasters can happen. A 2013 derailment in Canada sent a train full of volatile oil hurtling into the center of a town. More than a million gallons of fuel exploded, killing 47 people and incinerating nearly the entire downtown neighborhood.3

For the sake of our communities and our environment, we just can’t tolerate this kind of risk.

Tell the Trump administration: Don’t ship explosive fracked gas through our neighborhoods.

This plan isn’t just dangerous: It’s also likely to lead to more fracking, which has devastating effects on our environment and our climate. The process of fracking tramples habitat, disturbs wildlife, endangers aquifers and pollutes the air.

After all of that, the last thing we need is for the fracked gas to be condensed into dangerous fuel and shipped across the nation to pose an explosive risk to our communities.

It’s time to fuel our lives with the inexhaustible power of the wind and sun. We need to invest in renewable energy to build a healthier future for ourselves, our communities, and the wildlife and wild places we share the planet with. Expanding the transportation of dirty, dangerous fossil fuels across the country is simply the wrong choice.

Take action today.

Thank you,
The Environmental Action team



1. Jennifer A. Dlouhy, “‘Bomb Trains.’ Trump’s Plan to Ship Natural Gas by Rail Raises Alarm,” Fortune, April 11, 2019.
2. “Freight Rail in Your State,” American Association of Railroads, last accessed April 15, 2020.
3. Ian Austen, “A Runaway Train Explosion Killed 47, but Deadly Cargo Still Rides the Rails,” The New York Times, July 16, 2019.

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