Railroad Under Fire as Questions Abound Concerning 2019 Runaway Train that Killed Three Crew Members

Reported By: Rail Workers Weekly News Digest

On February 4th, 2019, Canadian Pacific Train #301 rolled away down Field Hill in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The train’s lead locomotive, mid-train DPU and 99 cars of grain derailed, killing all three crew members aboard. Now, as the anniversary of that tragic wreck approaches, family members, co-workers and the general public are demanding answers. The Canadian news media is awash with the news of the wreck, and evidence seems to point to a cover-up by the railroad. Charges of negligence by CP are coming forward.

Following six months of investigative reporting, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) released its finding on nationwide television Sunday evening, January 26th, when the award-winning news program “The Fifth Estate” aired the 22-minute episode.

Following allegations of a cover-up by the Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS) in relation to the Field derailment, the Teamster Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) union is calling for an independent investigation into the deadly rail disaster. The union is also reiterating its call for the federal government to abolish corporate police forces like that at CP.

The lead safety investigator looking into the fatal runaway crash of a Canadian Pacific Railway freight train last February at the Spiral Tunnels near Field, B.C., says the RCMP should step in to investigate potential negligence by the railway company.


  • Just what did happen?
  • Did the railroad compromise the safety of its employees?
  • Do the same unsafe conditions exist today?
  • Why have ten railroaders been killed in Canada in the last two years?

These are questions to which all railroad workers and their families want and demand answers.

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On January 24, 2020, the following segment aired on the Calgary, Alberta morning radio show.

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CBC’s investigation has found that the Field Hill in the Canadian Rockies has been the scene of 25 derailments and runaways in the last 25 years.

25 Derailments and Runaways in 25 Years



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